pg. 108: “…opposed commander in an adjacent zone.” should read “…opposed commander in the same zone.”

pg. 122: The header “Hambridge Farms (Leader)” should say “Werewolf (Leader)”.

pg. 127: The type of conflict for Sunset Isles is Infiltration, not Skirmish.

pg. 163: The conflict type for The Sapphire Djinn is Diplomacy, not Skirmish.

pg. 211: Stronghold Sheet: The Sunset Isles and Sightrock entries are flipped. The Sunset Isles is a difficulty 6 Infiltration mission. Sightrock is a difficulty 4 Skirmish mission.

Threat Pools

There are a few places in the text where threat pools were mentioned. This concept has been replaced by Autarch schemes. The threat pools refer to the four different Autarch scheme lists. Replace “threat pool” with “Autarch schemes” on the following pages: 39, 40, 77, 131, and 132.