The kickstarter for Wrath of the Autarch is launching Tuesday, September 22nd! Super excited to present the team for this project!

PhilPhil Lewis – Phil Lewis got his start in gaming with Zork on the Commodore 64. Since first being eaten by a grue, he has played many different video games, tabletop role-playing games, and boardgames. Now he owns Ziapelta Games, a method for transforming time and money into tabletop role-playing games. His work has been published in the Fate Codex. By day he is a software engineer, by night he is a husband and father, and by very early morning he is a game designer.

AmandaAmanda Valentine – Amanda Valentine is a freelance RPG editor and developer. Her work includes The Dresden Files RPG, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Fate Accelerated Edition, Little Wizards, The Fate Codex, and many others. She also edits fiction. She blogs sporadically at about editing, parenting, and gaming. At she writes spoilerific book reviews for adults who care about what the kids in their lives are reading. You can find her on Twitter as @ayvalentine and @reads4tweens.

NathanNathan Paoletta – Nathan D. Paoletta is an independent graphic and layout artist, game designer and self-publisher living in Chicago, IL. In addition to making games and helping others make theirs, he also talks about game design on the Design Games podcast. Find out more at and

DougDoug Kovacs – Doug Kovacs grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, playing with Star Wars figures, then GI-Joe, and later graduating to Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs (which he continues to play to this day). He drew his way through high school, avoiding involvement in most things but art class, where he cultivated a love for all forms of painting. At 16 he thought he invented cubism, but then realized he was wrong. In 1996 he received a BA from Columbia College Chicago; however, over four years of school it was never mentioned that the internet and digital media might completely change the world. Then they did. He has since adjusted, and has worked on varied projects including interior mural painting, collectible trading card illustration, roleplaying game illustration, concept art, T-shirt design, and for many clients, both public and private. Check out for more art and information.

EricEric Quigley – Eric Quigley has been a freelance illustrator in the pen and paper RPG industry for the past four years. In 2010 he graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Communication Arts and Illustration program after receiving an education from the likes of Sterling Hundley, Jorge Benitez, Tin Salamunic, and many more. Originally he carved out a small space in the fantasy genre, but has since moved to horror, sci-fi, and even children’s art through a variety of artistic styles. These days he works entirely in the digital medium to allow his workflow to be flexible and to quickly and easily take clients’ notes into consideration on his preliminary works (plus, he just can’t be bothered to sharpen those darn pencils!).

Mr. Quigley has done a couple hundred professional illustrations in his time. His clients have included Monte Cook Games, Evil Hat Productions, DwD Studios, Jason Richards Productions, Alice Entertainment, The Alderac Entertainment Group, Hero Forge Games, Inkwell Ideas, Rite Publishing, and many more.

AlyssaAlyssa Maynard – Alyssa Maynard is a freelance illustrator based in Boston, MA. When she’s not cramping her art hand, she’s fawning over history. Check out and for more of her work.


JonnyJonny Gray – Jonny Gray is a freelance illustrator from Derby, UK. Check out Jonny’s art at

Wrath of the Autarch Kickstarter Launching September 22nd!